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GoHub is the open innovation hub by Global Omnium. We help deep tech startups set to be real game changers in water tech, industry 4.0 and smart cities. Together, let’s create better processes and more sustainable cities.

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Open call for the best deep tech startups

We launched our second acceleration program with an investment of up to 150,000 euros per startup

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We look for

  • AI
  • IOT
  • AR/VR

Water Tech

Startups that innovate and improve the technology involved in the full water cycle.

Industry 4.0

Startups that digitally transform industrial environments whilst optimizing processes.

Smart Cities

Startups with intelligent solutions that improve the quality of life in cities.

GoHub Benefits

Personalized mentoring

Advice for each startup from the best professionals in each sector to meet all your needs.

Global network

We offer a national and international network that creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, co-creation and sales.


Exclusive programs geared towards the immediate deployment of technology for business management.

Media attention

Giving companies exposure in the media, at events and on channels where GoHub and Global Omnium are present.

Ventures & Accelerator

Nexus Integra

A product company that provides an IoT platform for industry. Nexus Integra aims to provide a global operations framework that unifies all processes within a company.



A company that develops telemetry systems with hardware and software for the control and management of energy consumption. Their clients are industry, SMEs and public organizations.


Sales Layer

Sales Layer simplifies the work involved in digital catalogues (stores, warehouses, etc.). It’s the leading software used in Spain and Latin America, and also helps companies from the USA, Canada, UK, Thailand, Europe, and South Africa.



Analyticalls is a startup from Valencia, with a very disruptive technology based in big data and machine learning. Its AI allows the analysis, in seconds, of large volume of calls to extract information to improve customer support, agent´s performance and company´s productivity.


Inloc Robotics

INLOC ROBOTICS is an innovative R&D company that offers solutions in the field of robotics and automation, and control in general, including industry 4.0 and IoT.



Yeeply is a platform that helps companies select the best teams for their digital projects.



OrbitalEOS has created a commercial platform with its own unique AI algorithm which together with satellite technology can detect marine pollution worldwide. The Valencian startup is geared towards petrol companies and public administrations. Its advanced technology helps prevent environmental disasters such as the Prestige, contributing to a more sustainable world.



Kenmei provides data intelligence, network automation and applied data science use cases, to assist mobile operators in handling their networks.



Sobway is focused on the digital transformation for residential buildings, solving all authorization and access issues through its comprehensive management tools. They implant Smart Building for building residential parks and for the real state sector for new construction. Its technology is based on IoT systems for mobile communications and RFID derivatives, and cloud service. Sobway is a startup based in Granada.



A platform (SaaS) that promotes the digitization of the administrative process of companies through a bundle of services consisting of digital signature, electronic invoice and collection automation.


Solver ML

SolverML is a purely technological company dedicated to the development of products and solutions in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It offers highly specialized and sophisticated solutions and products that help in decision making and reinforce the competitive advantages of customers.


AllRead MLT

Allread Machine Learning Technologies is a spin-off of the Computer Vision Center of Barcelona that detects, reads and converts, with the greatest accuracy, any type of text or symbol involved in industrial processes. Its advanced intelligent technology can locate alphanumeric text in operating environments through computer vision algorithms based on deep learning.


Barbara IoT

Barbara is a cybersecurity platform for industrial IoT. It is designed to overcome the challenges that industries face once they start down the path to digital transformation, it also makes industrial IoT easy and safe. Barabara’s product helps secure data collection for optimization and cost savings in industrial processes.



Fivecomm mission is to facilitate the adoption of 5G communication technologies for future industry verticals, specially in robotics, automotive and industry 4.0. Founded by members of academia with wide experience in leading 5G research projects and experts in digital transformation. Fivecomm company is based in Valencia.



Aganova is a business group dedicated to the technological innovation for analysis and control of pipelines, specialized in leak detection in water distribution and transport network. Aganova has developed Nautilus System: wireless, interior, neutrally buoyant technology for water leak detection in big diameter pipelines. Aganova´s mission is to provide the market with a manageable, affordable, efficient and effective solution through a recurring-use model that helps reduce Non-Revenue Water in the world.



Quodus: Artificial Intelligence based technology focused on the digitization of educational and workspaces. Quodus monitors infrastructures, optimizes energy consumption and carries out monitoring and auditing planning that enhance data-based decision making. Its technological solution improves security and allows its customers to measure the performance of their spaces and offices. Quodos is based in Seville.



In Aunoa we work on transforming the way of communication between people and companies or institutions, developing solutions based on Artificial Conversational Intelligence to be able to communicate with them through the messaging or voice channels that they use commonly. We use Natural Language Recognition through these channels to reduce the digital divide, optimize and improve business and customer relationships all its forms: we automate and become complex processes into simple and fast conversations.



Shopery is a platform that creates, builds and manages personalized digital marketplaces through SaaS technology for companies, businesses and brands to sell their products online



WiFi technology for vertical markets to deliver high performing networks all over the world


Pilot Program


A company which specializes in the analysis of images through machine learning. It helps to guarantee water quality through the detection of microorganisms and offers technology that can be used in any industry.



Cleverpy improves business cost efficiency through artificial intelligence that analyses large amounts of data and provides quality information for decision-making.



Dypsela creates digital clones using augmented and virtual reality to connect people with companies.



A company which specializes in the capture of high-precision geospatial data using drone technology to cover large areas in record time.



A company which develops products and services in the IoT sector.



AdWALK transforms spaces into interactive experiences through personalized augmented reality and video mapping which accompany visitors and customers.



Specialists in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology for the construction sector that optimizes the document management of projects.


4D Geoservices

This company provides solutions for the smart management of land, heritage and buildings, through the integration of different tools based on the use of geomatic techniques and technologies.



An engineering company which works in the area of process optimization. Their expertise lies in the areas of predictive maintenance, process automation, predictive analysis and data management.



Darwin is a biotech company whose mission is to bring personalized microbial solutions to the market.


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